{fiction} For Better or Worse

gun woman

I wrote this text in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Green-Eyed Monster. » As often, there’s a twist.

“I have to,” Jill says, fumbling in her purse on the bed. “I’m not letting you ruin everything and take her away from me.”
Behind her, someone sobs who she ignores.

“She says you make her happy but we both know it’s a lie. She needs me to save her.”
The shadows that bathed the room just a few minutes before are now retrieving to the corners of the room as the morning sun hits the hotel facade.

“She’d be miserable with you, Gary. She’s been miserable since the day she met you.”
She takes a small gun out of her purse, such a light object for such a heavy purpose. The man kneeling in front of her, hands tied behind his back, tries to talk but his words are muffled by the fabric of the tie, the improvised yet effective gag.

[continue reading on AO3]


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