{poetry} In My Head

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Written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Phobia, Shmobia. » (used loosely, as usual) and for Bi Visibility Day !

I’m so brave

in my head

Standing up when you mock my life choices

not even choices, who I love

I argue I explain

open your

mouth say something



You change your mind

in my head

You keep talking

Unaware you’re offending me, sitting next to you

It’s just a comment just an article it’s in the paper and you laugh,

Because it’s ridiculous

my life



Which is already better? than non existent

You change subject, talk to me

Like you do every day about everything else

I still hear you laugh

I punch your face

in my head

I’m not a coward

speak up


what would they say are they all- is he the only one?

what if they all laugh or

ignore me, next time we have lunch together

I’m not a coward

I’m afraid

of being more alone that I already am


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