{fiction} Immortalized in Stone

immortalized in stone

I wrote a short fanfic, in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: « Immortalized in Stone. »
It’s a Sterek story, from Teen Wolf, but I didn’t twist the prompt that much this time!

“You made a pile of rocks?” Derek asks, eyebrows lifted.

Stiles shrugs. “Go ahead, mock me like the rest of the class I don’t care, it makes sense to me.” He considers closing Hangouts and never sharing his art class project with anyone.

“I wasn’t mocking,” Derek says, “I’m just curious why you’d do that, is all.”

Stiles considers lying or skipping subject, but he’s never lied to Derek before, he couldn’t even pretend he wasn’t scared of him, back when they met, so no. No lying to Derek.

“We were supposed to create a sculpture representing someone or something meaningful from our past year,” Stiles starts explaining, “and, well.” His shoulders tense. “It’s been chaos and destruction again this year for me, for us, so yeah, I carved pieces of concrete.”

Derek doesn’t answer right away, and Stiles is scared he shared too much. “I thought you were doing better?” Derek finally asks.

[continue on AO3]



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