{Writing 101} Things I’ve learned


Today’s assignment in Writing 101 is making a list. I chose to make a list of things I’ve learned. About me, and life. As you expect, it’s more bitter than sweet.

  • If I plan on baking a chocolate cake, be certain I’ll buy everything at the grocery store except the chocolate
  • I’ll never be too old to buy an Advent calendar with chocolate bits (this year, probably a Star Wars one)
  • I should never drink alcohol around my coworkers, even if only tipsy, I always end up sharing things I didn’t intend to
  • Red nailpolish helps me feel like a warrior goddess
  • Never compare how a recipe from Pinterest looks like with how my own attempt looks like, because it’s my first trial but it was probably like their fifthiest
  • Even if I don’t expect much I’ll end up disappointed
  • People always leave me




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