{fiction} Gone

Written for today’s one-word prompt « Gone » via The Daily Post


The doubts.
About everything and anything, my future, my career, my forever empty love life, my worth as a creative person. As a person.

Never really gone.

The Christmas decorations.
Put away in their boxes, hidden under the bed.

Gone until next year.

Your face.
Smiling at me as I tell you about my day. Waiting for me to decide which movie we should see. Closed as you take a breath because we need to talk.

Gone for the best.

My hopes, my dreams, my strenght.
As life tries to break me, again and again, and I resist, over and over.

Gone and back, gone and always back.

My last breath.
As I watch the sunset through my window, surrounded by the quiet of the mountains, as I watch birds flying away and life goes on, without me.

Gone forever.

*the picture is mine, taken during my holidays in Annecy, France



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