Dear Diary·Ecriture

{Writing 101} My writing place / Là où j’écris

{lire en français} I usually write at home, on the couch, laptop on the coffee table or on my lap. With the internet to distract me. But to be honest, I write best when I’m at work, when I’m supposed to be doing anything but writing a novel or a fanfiction. Whatever the place, the…… Lire la suite {Writing 101} My writing place / Là où j’écris


{Writing 101} Things I’ve learned

Today’s assignment in Writing 101 is making a list. I chose to make a list of things I’ve learned. About me, and life. As you expect, it’s more bitter than sweet. If I plan on baking a chocolate cake, be certain I’ll buy everything at the grocery store except the chocolate I’ll never be too…… Lire la suite {Writing 101} Things I’ve learned

Dear Diary·Ecriture

{NaNoWriMo} La question du casting

A quoi ressemblent mes personnages ? Chaque écrivain fonctionne différemment, moi j’ai besoin de visualiser mes personnages pour les faire vivre au fil des mots. Pas juste les imaginer, une silhouette, l’ondulation de leurs cheveux, non. Il me faut un visage, un vrai, un qui existe, en 3 dimensions. Il y a le physique mais…… Lire la suite {NaNoWriMo} La question du casting